50 Westerns From The 50s: "Writing a blog about writing a book about old cowboy movies."

A drifting cowboy: "An old cowboy's thoughts about horses, canoes, fishing, art, movies, family, and the American                                  West."

A Word On Westerns: Rob Word's YouTube Channel, all about Westerns. Fantastic guest stars.

ARMYDOGTAGS.COM: If you want well made dog tags, this is the place.

Borden Cinema: Borden Cinema on Twitter

Captain Jack's Pirate Hats: Ye wants a pirate hat? Well Captain Jack's be the proper place.

DAVELAND: Disney and More.

Friday the 13th, The Franchise: Everything Friday the 13th.

Halloweenmovies: If you love Halloween and Michael Myers, this is the place.

Henry's Western Roundup: "The blog that brings you the latest news about western movies, etc."

Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.: "Where Ben Franklin would shop if he were alive today!"

Live Fast Die Poor on YouTube: More Randomland Adventures with Justin Scarred. Much Disney.

Los Angeles Is My Beat

National Day of the Cowboy

Pistol Packin Paula: "Entertainer, Stuntwoman, Gun Twirler, Trick Roper, Bull-Whipper & Western Dancer."

Purdy Gear Custom Leather Goods: Some of the most beautiful Custom Leather I have ever seen.

The Quick and the Dead.net: All about the TQATD from a person who was an extra in the movie. I've been visiting                                                  this website since 1999.

RandBreviews: Movie Reviews with Rob and Brendan on YouTube.

Randomland Adventures on YouTube: Justin's "Quest For Positivity" and More More More.

Rockets and Robots!: Movie, TV and action figure enthusiasm -

Single Action Shooting Society: Cowboy competition shooting -

Whirley Pop Shop: My favorite popcorn popper... ever.

XDM50: Duane on YouTube is a really fun and resourceful guy. Knives, gadgets, bushcraft, you name it.


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